Mezzanine Partners

Mezzanine partners 1 is an initiative of PMV & Capital@Rent.

Both parties have a strong track record of providing subordinated debt to small and mid-sized companies in Belgium. Mezzanine Partners 1 provides mezzanine loans between 2,5 million euro and 15 million euro and occasionally acts as 'mezzanine agent' in larger transactions.

Mezzanine Partners Management BVBA acts as statutary manager and general partner of Mezzanine Partners 1 Comm.VA. Mezzanine Partners Management BVBA is a 50/50 joint venture between Capital@rent NV and PMV Beheer NV.

Please Note: For mezzanine loans between EUR 0.5 million and EUR 2.5 million PMV and Capital@Rent will maintain their existing activities.

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